Stairs tilting installation

Tilting system for stripping and then 180° tilting of concrete stairs. The stairs elements have various designs, eg. walking platform at the bottom, intermediate landing, catwalk on top or a combination thereof.

The customer was looking for a solution to hoist the poured concrete flights of stairs from the mould and then tilt them safely. The starting points in terms of dimensions, types and weights were recorded in the brief.

This tilting installation can handle stairs with or without walking platforms, to a width of 3 meters and a total length of 8 meters with a maximum weight of 10,000 kg.

Stairs with platform
Stairs tilting installation 3D
Stairs tilting installation drawing

Technical specifications

DescriptionTilting system for stripping and then 180° tilting of concrete stairs.
Capacity/dimensionsHoist capacity 10,000 kg, dimensions stairs L 8,000 mm x W 3,000 mm x H 1,500 mm
DisciplinesConcept design, costing, engineering
TechnologyHydraulics, vacuum, PLC control
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